Why is the Captain Very Important When Choosing a Fishing Trip?

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When people go on fishing trips, their main goal is to catch fish as they enjoy the ocean or sea. In most cases, it is supposed to be an enjoyment trip that is geared towards catching fish, and this would mean having a very good boat, as well as a good captain that has a lot of experience fishing. Going with an inexperienced captain could land you on grounds that have no fish, and if you too are inexperienced, chances are that even if you were on a ground with plenty of fish, you would end up with zero catches since you’d both lack the knowhow. In this article, we are going to look at why the captain is very important when choosing a fishing trip. As a matter of fact, the question should be, how do we know if the captain is good or not?

Why is the Captain Very Important When Choosing a Fishing Trip?

Why is the Captain Very Important When Choosing a Fishing Trip?

Do high priced charters offer better service?

In many cases, the prices of the fishing charters will indicate the level of quality, although this isn’t always so, since the busiest charters could also be the ones with the highest rates. In fishing, the captain is supposed to give the clients an all-round experience, and not just fishing. Remember, it isn’t about the number of fish that are caught, but the quality.

How experienced is your captain?

Make sure that the captain that you choose has adequate experience in the water. Good captains should be able to predict the waters and fish behavior, leading to a more productive and enjoyable fishing experience. Check out the profiles of the captains when choosing charters to ensure that they fit your bill.

Calculating the duration of the trip.

The duration of the trip could vary depending on the captains, and it is important to understand how they calculate it. know the exact amount of time that you’ll send on the water. There are some captains whose time starts ticking the moment that you start filling up license forms and other documents, look out for such things.

What will you catch?

Before heading out on any sort of fishing expedition, it is important to know the type of fish that you intend to catch. A good captain should be able to give you this information, since he should know the waters where you’re going to fish. This information should tell you whether the captain is good at what he does, or not.

The size and condition of the boat.

The quality of the trip will also be determined by the boat, with the bigger boats providing better comfort and seaworthiness as compared to the smaller ones. If you’ll be gone for long, a clean bathroom would be an added advantage.

Do you have to bring anything along?

Most fishing charters provide all of the equipment that you’ll need on the fishing trip, although there are still things that you might need to bring along. Some of those are listed below:

  • Sunglasses, sunblock and hat
  • Warm clothes and rain
  • Soft soled shoes
  • Food and drinks
  • Camera
  • Cooler

El Cielo Snorkeling

Still on the topic of fish, we are now going to take a look at El Cielo Snorkeling for those of you that love El Cielo beach. El Cielo is a Spanish word that means ‘Heaven on Earth’, and that is probably what best explains Cozumel’s Marine Park, which teams with a rich variety of marine life. El Cielo Snorkeling operates ultra-eco-friendly glass bottomed boats that are allowed to enter the restricted marine life rich protected area forming Cozumel’s underwater wonderland. You can choose to watch fish without entering the water or getting wet, and you can also choose to snorkel since they provide a brand new snorkel tube, free of charge. When the snorkeling is done, they get rid of the tube in an eco-friendly way.

The basic fee also includes the Marine Park entrance fee, and the beach party meals and drinks. The captains and snorkeling guides are all certified snorkeling guides that speak fluent English. The boats have a maximum capacity of 22, but since El Cielo Snorkeling don’t encourage crowding, they have limited the number of people per boat to 12. This also means that you get personalized attention from the guides and captains. The trips start at 9:30am and 1:30pm, visiting Palancar Gardens Reef and the Colombia Shallow Reef, and finishing the day with a beach party. Children over three years of age are allowed on the trips.


In order for you to best enjoy a fishing trip, you’ve got to have good boats, and an even better captain and crew. Companies like El Cielo Snorkeling offer just that, so that people enjoy the experience and keep coming back for more.

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