Ways in Which A Dehumidifier will Improve Your Health and Your Home in General

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A dehumidifier is very important in every home and due to the effects it can have in a home, it is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It is a small device but can improve the quality of life in a home and the health conditions of the home.

Since many people don’t really know how serious humidity can affect the quality of one’s life in particular the health, we will first explore the effects of high humidity

Ways in Which A Dehumidifier will Improve Your Health and Your Home in General

Health problems: If one lives in an area of high humidity, they will be susceptible to sickness and disease. Its high humidity provides a prime environment that promotes the spread of microbes and bacteria. Bacteria are the root cause of many diseases. Because the microbes are mainly in the air it may lead to respiratory diseases since it is breathed in. It may also lead to allergies and some of the signs of allergies is running nose, stuffy nose, and headaches and whizzing among many others. Asthma sufferers are the ones who are mainly affected. High humidity may lead to stuffy air which affects the quality of air that one breathes in. It also leads to the growth of mold and mildew which may lead to allergic reactions such as skin irritations. A humid environment is a prime environment for dust mites which may cause many diseases

Destruction of furniture: Moisture deposits on furniture leads to rot and thus makes them wear out quickly.

Destruction of electronic devices: Moisture deposit on electric devices may lead to their malfunction and may lead to rust in areas that are metallic.

High energy usage: High humidity makes the Air conditioner have a hard time in conditioning the air which may lead to high energy usage since it has to use more energy.

High humidity may lead to increase in time used to dry clothes. Since the air is hum it basically means that there is less dry air and that is what will make the clothes to dry faster.

As it is very clear, humidity clearly negatively impacts the quality of life than may be estimated. It is therefore thus worth checking into dehumidifier reviews to get a glimpse of some of the best dehumidifiers for an informed choice. Some of the best dehumidifiers in 2017 are:

Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

This has been highly rated as the best in 2017. Some of the main features that classify it as the best are:

Suitable for large spaces: It can cover a space of up to 4500 square feet which is a large area as compared to many dehumidifiers.

Ease of use: It is made with controls that have auto features that can be used in turning the unit on or off. The auto feature gives you the freedom of setting the humidity level of choice. The auto features also helps one to control the fan speed. With an auto restart feature, one can save all their settings in case of a power outage.

Lightweight and portable: With a weight of only 40 lbs. it is clear that the unit is very light and portable. Part of what makes it very light is their solid metal casters build. With a built in handle, it is easy to be carried around.

Frost sensor: this makes it perfect for low temperatures as the sensor protects the coil from freezing when temperatures are very low.

Big reservoir: it has a big reservoir of 1.3 gallons that does not fill up easily. It however does not give you the option for continuous drainage. This may limit those who prefer continuous drainage.

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

As the name suggests, this dehumidifier that is good for Basements as it has effortless humidity control which is poses as an asset to many. Some of other features that make it great are:

70 pint daily threshold capacity makes it suitable even for large spaces

Energy Efficient: It has been Energy star rated as it is eco-friendly and save energy a lot of energy.

Easy controls and set up: It has a Vibrant LCD screen with status indicators through which one can do any kind of settings in a simple way.

A high quality filter: The dehumidifier comes with an easy to clean filter that is also reusable. A filter helps to further clean the air.

Suitable for low temperatures: It is equipped with a frost sensor that makes the unit usable even in freezing temperatures. This makes it even more suitable for basements as they are normally cooler than other areas in the house.

Light and portable: With a weight of only 40lbs, it is clearly light and portable.

The only con of this unit is the fact that it is very loud.  It also does not contain an inbuilt pump and thus does not give you the option of continuous drainage

Friedrich D70BP 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Built-In Drain Pump

It has been made for large spaces and can cover a space of up to 2500 square feet

Continuous drainage: For those that love the option of continuous drainage, this dehumidifier serves the purpose as it comes with an inbuilt pump and you only have to connect a hose pipe for drainage for a distance of up to 15 feet. It also contains a large reservoir tank of a capacity of 16 pint

Energy saving: Its energy star rated which means it is efficient and can help in saving utility bills.

Easy control: It has a centrally placed control panel that helps you make customizable settings of choice

The cons of this unit are its costly as compared to many units due to its make. It is inconvenient to move around as it does not have a handle.

BLACK+DECKER BDT70WT 70-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

The brand name is known for making high quality things. This has been made with a modern and sleek style and has been voted the most stylish. It’s been simply made with just one window on its front interface for checking the reservoir levels. Some of its other great features are:

Humidistat: This will help you set your desired humidity level with ease.

Great performance at a great price: It is one of the few units that can work on a broad range of temperature thus can be used in both low temperatures and high temperatures. It can work comfortably within the range of 38 degrees and 92 degrees Fahrenheit. It has not been given an energy star rating but has been reported to use low amount of energy than most units.

Inbuilt Water pump: It has an inbuilt water pump even though it is a bit fragile but it can still push water out of the drain. Its reservoir has been made in such a way that pulling it out and in is very easy.

Noise: It is one of the silent dehumidifiers that you will come across

Location: Its main limitation is its placement. It is not suitable for small space as it is rather very hot. In order to be used in a small room one needs an air conditioner for the heat. The ventilation of the unit is placed at the back and thus the unit can’t be placed against the wall.

HI sense 70-Pint 2-Speed Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump

Even though it is a 70 pint dehumidifier, it can work well in spaces of up to 1500 square feet or less. As much as it is very simple, it is very functional. It is equipped with an inbuilt pump for continuous drainage with a limit of up to ten feet. The reservoir tank has an automated system that turn off the system when it is full to prevent spillage.

It has a frost sensor that makes it suitable for use in low temperatures too as long as it is above 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Noise: It is a very quiet unit with a low noise level.

The main limitation of the unit is the pump. It is very fragile and there have been many user complaints about it.  The unit is also not the most portable as it is very heavy to carry around.

Frigidaire 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

In the Frigidaire models, this is the smallest while its other features remain the same. It can only take moisture of up to 50 pint and can work well in areas up to 2500 square feet.

Its other great features are:

Humidity control: It contains a humidistat that can help you keep the humidity levels in

Spacious reservoir: No one loves the inconvenience of having to empty the reservoir frequently and that is why it is equipped with a spacious reservoir for a long time before drains. The reservoir has been made simply such that it is easy to take it out and in. It also has a splash guard thus you don’t have to worry about water spillage.

Continuous drain: With this dehumidifier you have the option of continuous drain. Unlike other units that have an inbuilt pump for continuous drain, this one does not have a pump but relies on gravity.

Energy efficient: It has been energy star rated thus you can use it without worrying about raising your bills.

Its limit is that it is noisy for its size. It may have a draining problem as it purely relies in gravity.

Edge Star 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier – Best for RV’s

This is a quality dehumidifier that has been made with small space in mind and that’s why it may be best suited for RV. It can do a limit of 30 pint which may not work well for big spaces. It will work perfectly in areas of 400 square feet but may do to a maximum of 1500 square feet.

Lightweight and portable: At only 29 lbs. it is not heavy and is easy to carry around.

Energy star rated: It has been star rated because it is energy efficient

Low noise: It is not a noisy unit and thus you don’t have to worry about noise.

Continuous draining: With this dehumidifier, you get the option of continuous draining. In case of a reservoir it has a capacity of one gallon.

The design of the unit may pose as a limitation as it causes spillage. The filter is not made with the best quality thus one may have to replace it.

1byone 400ML Powerful Thermo-electric Dehumidifier – Best for Closets

Its size and make makes it suitable for small spaces such as closets since it has low power.

It is light and portable: It only weighs 3lbs. and that makes it very portable. Its small size can only operate on a space of up to 100 square feet and can remove moisture of up to 170 ml a day.

It uses a different technology in operation. While others use compressors, it uses Peltier technology that makes it simple and quiet in operation as compared to other dehumidifiers.

It has a large reservoir tank with a capacity of up to 400 ml which gives you the convenience of a long period before emptying.

It has an auto features that gives auto shut off option that turns off the unit when the tank is full.

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier – Best for Small Spaces in the Home

As the name suggests, it is a mini dehumidifier since it is small in size and occupies a small space while at the same time has more power than the 1byone. With its sleek design and neutral color it can blend in well with any interior decor.

It is equipped with easy controls and auto features that give convenience of use.

Noise: It is a very quiet unit and may not be noticeable.

Its main limitation is low dehumidifying power that can only do small spaces.


A dehumidifier will help in making sure your household stays healthy and hence if you don’t have one you should grab one. With many dehumidifiers of choice, you can easily get one that meets your needs well. With a dehumidifier the quality of life in a home will greatly be improved.

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