The Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

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We all have something that we are struggling with at some point in our lives. As much as there are many things that you can struggle with, quitting smoking is one of the hardest struggles one can have. Even though it is a hard struggle, it is totally worth it. Once you become an ex-smoker, then you will notice the difference in your body functioning and you will notice a lot that you have been missing out. There are many measures that you can use to quit smoking such as hypnosis, one method may best work for someone else and may not necessarily work for you. If you are struggling with quitting smoking, most of the time you will have to have several tries in some cases to be successful. So don’t give up yet if you have tried one method and it is not working out.  Some of the benefits of quitting smoking include:

Is it worth Quitting Smoking?

It clears up the lungs

Quitting smoking helps to clear the lungs which will help you breathe more easily. Since the lung is cleared, the lung capacity increases and this happens gradually. By the ninth month, the lung capacity would have increased by at least 10% though again that depends with an individual. This is especially important as the lung capacity decreases with age.

Improves your blood circulation

When you quit smoking your blood circulation will improve and this means more oxygen in the body which means more energy in the body. This will make sure that you have increased energy for your activities and also a stronger immunity system. This will help you fight off diseases easily and thus be healthier.

Better sex

Since quitting smoking leads to increased blood flow, it will heighten sensitivity which will lead to more erections and orgasms and hence better sex.

Improves fertility

Smoking affects fertility especially in women since it affects the lining of the womb which increases the risks of miscarriage. Women who smoke also have conception problems whether it is normal or through IVF. For pregnant women who smoke, they are likely to have a preterm baby. Quitting smoking is therefore very important as it will help in increasing fertility; reduce the chances of miscarriage and pre term birth. It will also make sure one delivers a healthy baby.

Clears the skin

Quitting smoking helps to clear the skin and get a younger and healthier looking skin. It will help in increased blood flow to the skin which means more oxygen to the skin making the skin healthier and younger.

More dental health

Quitting smoking will help one get whiter teeth and general improved dental health. It will help prevent gum diseases and premature loss of teeth. Quitting smoking will also help one to have a fresher breath.

Helps prevent lifestyle diseases

People who smoke are at a risk of developing some diseases such as heart diseases, cancer and chronic bronchitis which may shorten their lives. Quitting smoking will help prevent that which will translate to a healthier person and longer life.

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