Must Haves for a Long Hiking Expedition

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Hiking has some pretty fantastic health benefits.  Hiking trips are superb for reducing stress levels, for reducing the symptoms of mental conditions like depression, anxiety and even illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease.  This type of activity is also superb for your physical health because it helps you burn calories, promotes digestion and blood circulation and aids in weight balancing.  It is one of the best hobbies to pursue and it doesn’t cost you much at all because you don’t need a lot of gear to enjoy long hiking expeditions.  In fact, up next we are going to discuss exactly what you need for an overnight hiking expedition;

  1. Hiking boots

Hiking boots are up first on our list because you need to be incredibly careful when you consider this critical must have.  The wrong hiking boot can cause a lot of pain and agony on your trip and can even be dangerous.  Choose your hiking boots wisely so you can stay refreshed, energized and so you will enjoy all the protection needed for a safe trip.

  1. Hiking tent

Sleeping under the stars?  Then a good hiking tent is a must because this will protect you from weather conditions like chills and rain and the hiking tent also keeps creditors, insects and dangerous animals from attacking you while you sleep.  On The Habitual Hiker you can check out the best hiking tent that is lightweight, strong, durable, and easy to set up and will keep you save and snug on your trip.

  1. Comfortable clothing

We recommend breathable clothing with quick dry technology so you will stay dry, warm and cozy on your trip.  The right clothing can make a huge difference in your hiking ability and can also contribute to safety.

  1. Backpack

You will need somewhere to stash goods like fire starters, your tent, food, beverages and a medical aid kit and a backpack is the best choice because it is the type of carry on that causes the least alignment issues to your spine and it is also one of the most convenient hiking accessories since you still have hands free to move around as you like.

  1. Food

If you are planning on making dinner when you stop or at a camp base then you should definitely consider your food type as well as the essentials needed for cooking.  The right food will help you stay fuller for longer and will reduce the number of cutlery that is needed for the trip.

  1. Drinks

Dehydration is no joke.  Keep water close by during your hiking trips so you will be able to stay healthy and hydrated.

  1. Fire making kit

Do you want to make fire on your camping expedition?  Well a fire making kit will make things a lot easier so you can stay warm, cook or even dance around your fire.

  1. Lights

Fire often isn’t enough to stay safe.  A good torch is also a must if you plan long hiking trips, especially if you are sleeping out.

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