How to Treat Gynecomastia

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Several diseases can affect health terribly. One of these diseases is Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a common disorder found in men, that is enlargements of man boobs because of hormonal imbalance. Estrogen hormone is responsible for female traits including breasts growth. Higher estrogen level in males causes breast growth in men. Men might be affected by this disorder by birth, in such a way that more Estrogen is transferred to the baby. Other possibilities are that many external factors can also cause Gynecomastia. Mostly this starts with a lump, and gradually as you gain weight, the breasts grow. It is common among boys undergoing puberty and adolescent. The growth of breast tissues might be painful. It might affect a single breast or both.

How to Treat Gynecomastia

  • Symptoms

The symptoms are pretty casual; these may go un-noticed. The symptoms include:

  • Breast tenderness
  • Swollen breast gland tissue.
  • A lump; it usually starts with a small lump under the nipple, and later starts growing as your mass is increased.
  • Pain; you might feel pain in the affecting boob, as the breast gland is in the process of growing.
  • Nipple discharge.
  • It may cause psychological
  • Cause

Gynecomastia is pretty standard in boys/men of all age groups, i.e., infancy, puberty and old age. It is just a matter of hormonal imbalance. Numerous new born males have enlarged breasts because a higher level of estrogen is transferred to them from their mother. In addition, several external factors result in men breasts enlargement.

Read further to know the reasons that are responsible for breast enlargement:

  • Hormonal Changes

As described above, the most common cause of Gynecomastia is hormonal changes; it might occur to many males at different ages. Estrogen levels in the body are raised, that controls the breast growth in females. Thus the man boobs are enlarged.

  • Steroids Intake

It is also common among men who take higher levels of steroids. Most men like gym and their gym instructor advise them to take some supplements like steroids. Taking too many steroids causes an increased level of estrogen which is a female hormone.  It causes a decreases production of testosterone which is a male hormone. This state causes breast tissue to grow. Thus, steroids ultimately cause gynecomastia, and its treatment is expensive.

  • Risk Factors

A risk factor is anything that increases the chance of getting particular diseases. Gynecomastia can have some risk factors. It may be caused due to aging. The risk of men breasts cancer increases as he grows old. Men are likely to get this disease at about the age of 68. If any other family member had this disease, then this also becomes a risk factor. This disease may also be inherited. If a person is an alcohol addict, he might be in danger of getting this disease. Likewise, liver disease, too much radiation exposure, obesity, testicular conditions, may also prove the cause of this disease.

  • Treatment

The question arises, “what to do to lose man boobs?” Well, the answer is not that simple as men breast cancer mostly occurs in pubertal men. It is most likely to go away on its own. If it stays over six months, it is treated with medication.

Furthermore, Gyno Guide offers various useful medicines for the treatment of this disease. Likewise, they offer creams to treat this particular disease and help you attain a great body shape. Visit to read an entire article to know how to get rid of man boobs. They have explained gynecomastia can be recovered properly during its early stages. If it exceeds up to 12 months, medications do not become much effective, and surgical treatment becomes the only treatment which is very expensive.

Moreover, that can be overcome by treating existing problems. For instance, if a man is diagnosed with fewer levels of testosterone than by testosterone replacement, the disease can be overcome. Clomiphene is a medicine that can be used to treat male breast cancer. Danazol is a laboratory made testosterone which can reduce the production of estrogen in testes.

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