How to Speed walk to Lose Weight and Improve Mental Health

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Getting fit is much easier said than done.  When you are obese everything is much more of a challenge especially if your health doesn’t allow you to do stern workouts.  So many obese people dream of losing weight but simply cannot because their knees and joints won’t allow them to do running, their hearts aren’t strong enough to handle a heavy cardio session and breathing becomes an astronomical challenge when you are obese.  They end up stuck in despair and helplessness.  One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to lose hope.  There is always a way to turn things around and even the least bit of exercise will eventually benefit your health.  Walking is a workout that so many people underestimate.  Walking the right way can burn a lot of calories and is one of the best ways to start working out when your health doesn’t allow you to go full out in the gym.

How to Speed walk to Lose Weight and Improve Mental Health

How to improve mental health through speed walking

Walking also has great mental health benefits.  Just getting out of the house into the open fresh air is already enough to draw some tension and stress from your life.  Add a workout session through speed walking to the deal and you already feel much more pride because you are doing something about your situation.  The best way to boost your mental health through walking is by taking a new route each day so there will be more things to see and more switches to your normal daily routine which greatly stimulates change and clear thinking.

Speed walk like a pro

Speed walking with the goal to lose weight is much more than just walking from point A to point B.  The way you walk can greatly contribute to much more weight loss.  When you speed walk you should keep your elbows tucked in and swing your arms straight ahead.  Drive your arms forward from your shoulders and swing with each step.  Your steps should be concentrated with long quick strides and keep your feet as straight as possible so you won’t end up spraining your ankles.

What to wear while speed walking

Any loose fitting outfit will probably do for your speed walk sessions but cardio is always much better when your active wear is on point.  Wearing active wear is also a great way to boost your confidence and your determination.  Gym clothing is also best because these garments are specially designed to insulate heat and to dry off quickly so you can reduce the chances of getting ill.  On The Fitness Recipes you can get great discount codes and coupons for fitness clothing that is bound to get you in the mood for a good speed walk session.

Your speed walk calorie count

Half an hour of walking is a great start point but an hour a day is probably best if you want to see some good results. You will lose much more calories during your speed walk sessions and build great looking leg and bum muscles at the very same time.  Here are the calories you will be burning with each hour session;

  • Moderate pace (3mph) – 200 calories
  • Fast pace (4-5mph) – 370 calories
  • Walking Uphill (3.5 mph) – 355 calories
  • Walking upstairs (3mph) – 275 calories

Your calorie burn will of course depend on your weight and the more weights you wear while speed walking, the greater the calorie burn.

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