Elliptical Your Companion to Better Health

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When it comes to cardio exercise, you need a machine that involves your whole body. This makes sure that you get a complete body workout all at once, which leads to many benefits for you. The elliptical machine is one such equipment that enables you to get a complete body workout and reap the benefits.

Weight Loss

If you aim to lose fat throughout your body then elliptical is the way to go. The elliptical allows you to exert your whole body from your shoulder and arms down to your legs. It imitates the movement of walking/running, depending on the pace you go, but gets more involvement from the arms. Many research have proven that elliptical is more efficient than stationary bikes and stair climbers as the motion used for elliptical forces the individual to use more energy overall which helps burn fat. Of course, this also depends on how long and at what pace the individual trains at.

Elliptical Your Companion to Better Health

Get a full body workout or focus on either upper or lower body

When using the elliptical, you have the option of working your upper and lower body out at a time or both together. The machine comes with a handle for your arms. So if you want to focus on your upper body, then you can use more force with your arm and let your legs sort of just glide with the motion. If you want to work the lower body out, then you can put more force with the legs. We recommend using both your upper and lower body together to get the most out of the machine but it does give you the option to concentrate on one over the other, if you feel the need.

Build muscles

When we normally think of cardio exercise, we don’t really relate it to building muscles. In an elliptical machine, you have that option. Most machines come with different settings, like increasing resistance. What this does is, it makes it tougher for a person to go through the motion, making them apply more force using more power. This makes the muscles work more and involves them to a greater extent.

No stress on joints

Unlike running on concrete or the treadmill, the elliptical helps protect your joints since you keep your feet in one place while you use it. So if you face any joint problems then the elliptical is a great way to get your cardio in.

Workout from home

Finally, the elliptical is great because it allows you to work out at home. You don’t have to pay monthly fees to the gym to get a full body workout with an elliptical machine you can do it from home. If you are looking for one for yourself, then these ones are great and reasonably priced.

Elliptical is a great exercise for cardiovascular health. It is also fairly easy to use but if you like a guide on how to do it, you can click here.

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