The Best Businesses for Entrepreneurs with Mental Illness

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It is hard for people that suffer from mental illness like depression and anxiety to find a job that suits their condition.  Routine jobs like office jobs are usually terrible for people with mental illness because being isolated and stuck in a routine usually worsens these conditions.  The reason why mental illness sufferers get worse in these routine jobs is because they don’t get the stimulation they need to overcome certain fears like the fear of change and they don’t get enough fresh air and change in their daily habits to occupy their thoughts which can easily lead to overthinking.  Outdoor jobs are the best type of jobs for people that suffer from mental illness and it is great for these sufferers to start their own companies so they can set their own phase and feel proud of their accomplishments.  Here are the best outdoor businesses that are great for people that suffer from mental illness.

The Best Businesses for Entrepreneurs with Mental Illness

Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening and landscaping is terrific for anxiety and depression sufferers because you get plenty of fresh air and sunlight when you do landscaping and you often get to be creative when designing garden layouts and when you are upgrading gardens.  On you can read a terrific article that gives you all the info you need to start a landscaping business of your own so you can feel better, deal with your medical condition better and live a happier life.

Dog Trainer

Working with dogs is great for people with mental instabilities.  Dogs help you fight depression simply because they are such happy and easy creatures.  Dog training is also a fun job because you are helping furry friends overcome problems and you are helping dog lovers with problem pets.  You can train combat dogs, guard dogs, house train young dogs or even train dogs to help disabled individuals.

Touring business

There is no better cure for depression than traveling.  With a touring business you can act as a tour guide and accompany all of your clients on their travels. You can explore different countries, visit beautiful locations and constantly make new friends with all of the people that sign up for your tours.   There are plenty of different ways to go into touring.  You can plan guided tours for seniors, families, children or even disabled groups.

Horse riding trainer

Horses are terrific animals that are often used for therapeutic purposes to children and adults with problems like mental illness, disabilities and to those that experienced lots of trauma in their lives.  As a horse riding trainer you will get plenty of therapy sessions for yourself and you will be helping others overcome their problems as well.


Photographers are constantly traveling, meeting new people and they can schedule their job to suit their lifestyle.  Photography is also a fun job to try and you don’t need much more than a bit of photography gear and good skill to be successful in this type of business.

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