Advantages of Co-Curricular Activities for Health

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The term health is not limited to the physical well-being of an individual. In fact, emotional, psychological, and social health is as important as physical health. “Health is wealth” is a common saying but majority of the population does not understand it until and unless they get ill. After getting up from illness, you realize that real wealth is health and you start taking good care of your health to enjoy life.

You should visit a doctor for regular checkups to maintain your physical health. Moreover, you can involve yourself in different activities to balance the equilibrium of your body. The co-curricular games let your mind relax and helps you to avoid stress, anxiety, and mental breakdown as well.

Advantages of Co-Curricular Activities for Health

These games also strengthen your muscles. Everyone has different taste of everything. Some people may love hunting and fishing whereas at the same time others will enjoy cycling and painting and so on.

Let’s discuss benefits and effects of co-curricular activities on mental and physical health.


Mostly hunting is not considered the healthy outdoor activity, but the adventure lovers still enjoy this fun-filled activity. It has a significant impact on mental health. It helps to increase the cognitive functioning. Furthermore, it reduces the chance of mental illness and breakdown.

Hunting is not the name of the killing of animals, in fact, it includes the hunting of birds as well. You can shoot them and enjoy them as a meal with your family and friends.


Cycling not only includes the movement of your leg muscles, in fact, but it increases cardiovascular fitness as well. Cycling is one of the recreational activities. It improves posture and coordination. Furthermore, it strengthens your bones and plays a significant role to lose weight as well.

Cycling also enhances your joint mobility. You can even go for riding uphills. It will put some stress on your thigh muscles while pedaling but at the same time it leads toward the improvement in strength as well.


The enhancement of physical and mental health is by spending time in fishing. Fishing is not just a hobby. It has a vast impact on your mind and body. It not only relieves stress but it aids in social bonding as well.

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Painting is not limited to the artistic world. Moreover, it has multiple health benefits. It has the power to express your thoughts and imaginations. It improves fine motor skills, and at the same time, it boosts creativity. The painting promotes the knowledge of various cultures.

Also, it can develop critical thinking skills and self-confidence in you. On the other hand, painting inspires and force you to have a non-verbal communication with your most profound thoughts. Therefore, it’s important to understand that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Horse Riding:

Horse riding is an excellent co-curricular activity for everyone. Riding horseback has many obvious benefits to human beings. It creates confidence, and at the same time, horse riding is used as a therapy for disabled children. It involves some specific muscles to maintain balance on a horse. As a result, it leads towards the strong legs and muscles as well. This activity is best to enjoy yourself and to distract yourself from the worries of your life.

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